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Each participant in each of the four teams was assigned a special, and with it, and the key role. Say, a player who plays the role of "spy» (Back Spotter), plays, and watches the game, he is counting cards. This player, who is always in sight of the team, helping the rest of the group to clearly define the game, as well as to coordinate their actions.

Then the action turns on the so-called Spotter (Spotter). His responsibilities include being at the table as extras, make small bets and share information with Gorilla (The Gorilla). And this game is unpredictable and aggressive, like a gorilla (thence the name), it makes a tremendous rate, leaving the game after a win.

He constantly receives tips from the rest of the team, count the cards, for this reason, the advantage will always be on his side. Well, finally, on the "Player big» (Big Player). He also counts the cards, he also intercepts and tips of his colleagues, participating in a game with very good combinations.

Despite the fact that the MIT team was the best in the business of the best track team members eventually parted as for big money came also a big problem. Either way, it is - the typical pattern of action teams players counters. Is it legally - the reader will ask.

To be honest, there is no clear boundary between legal and illegal. However, provided that the casino has established rules that prohibit card counting, you can do without doubt say that card counting is illegal. And yet, when you act alone, doing everything within reason, without succumbing call greed, you have a chance to successfully use in a number of gambling card account. Therefore, if you are convinced that you are going to try to practice the technique of card account, perform it alone. Violation of the above rules will result in one of the following things: warning, suspension of chat, permanent removal of all chat, suspend a player privileges.

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