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I had made a poker account online , following an intense campaign to promote the subway , on my one fascinated me . I honestly do not know exactly when or how I learned to play poker. I just remember that poker that you play with fellow high school a few years ago , it was a fun and different way of breaking the boredom during elective classes that do not do much or sometimes our little chat the minicaterinca discussions long hours lost at one or another home. But it was different from what I saw on TV that I played in college ( in the home long weekends ).

Honestly , I never thought that I know little poker ( and you just play for fun and low stakes ) would be brought together with Duck Adam Petra Jr. and Gina . It seems that what happened over the weekend with some friends when I arrived at the Media Loggers Royal , a mini poker tournament organized by Party Poker for loggers and journalists.

Taking a corner stake ( which to us was a trip to the first World Poker Tour tournament in 2013 ) , poker is fun when you play in groups as small stakes . What salt is higher than that game and not practicing like walking through casinos or business like this . Playing low stakes (mostly insignificant amounts , several dozen lei) is fun because you know exactly the loser not to compulsive gambler show tusks for play exclusively for pleasure and fun, and the money anyway are supply used for the group of players ( a beer , a soda , some chips and shit that make us less pleasant evening ).

When it comes to sports involving a hazard and kinds of probabilities, get in the game or whatever . At the weekend we went for fun and even if I pissed at a time that I came third at a table for 5 people , losing a pair of aces against two pair ( sevens threes ) , it was fun . Plus, then I threw and other meals more fun . I came running to feel good and play .

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