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Omaha has much in common with Texas Hold'em , Omaha Hi although not yet as popular as its big brother from Texas. Since both are flop based games, they share many rules and characteristics, but they should not be confused. As in Hold'em, Omaha is played usually on board with up to ten players. Each round is structured similarly as in Texas Hold'em - the blinds are posted, each player is dealt his hole cards, the community cards can be used, and there are a total of four movements below.

Each player in Omaha you must use two (not more) of their four hole cards (and thus neither more nor less than three community cards) to make the best five-card hand available. In Hold'em, players can choose any femora of hole cards and community cards. Do not make light of these differences.

They may seem insignificant, but they require completely different strategies. If you are familiar with Texas Hold'em, it is extremely important to you as Omaha beginner to keep the focus up not to be confused with Omaha Texas Hold'em . To play a game of Pot Limit Omaha Hi.

In Pot Limit games, a player, when it is his turn, raise an amount equal to the size of the pot before the raise takes place. Omaha Hi is usually played as a pot-limit game, although Pot Limit and No Limit variations are also popular.

From player to the left of the big blind, players take turns (clockwise) choose to 'sight', 'throw' or 'raise'. In most Pot Limit Omaha game, players raise the size of the pot (pot-sized raise BEFORE taking place), although some game versions restricts its focus in the first and second round of betting at half the size of the pot. As in Texas Hold'em , the big blind is the last player to act ("last two act") in the first round of betting.

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