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If you are looking for an effective strategy to improve your game of poker should know that the best strategy you can use is the initial form is known as poker log . In this way and to help you improve your game and optimize the own performance here talk about this record and the way how it should be performed.

Get to know these elements and use insurance to begin to notice the improvement in the game. To define what this record is no need for a definition of it. Well the only thing that should be understood is that of poker registration is performed such other records using a notebook and pen to put on paper all the observations that are made of a game.

Thus it can be said that a record of poker is the description of a full game where the moves that have been made are observed and pointed. Now the other second important question to answer is this strategy that has. For addressing this question it is worth saying that the main purpose is to improve the game and this is done thanks to the information obtained through the observation is made.

With that said it should be known that these records should be relevant information on. Also you must register the best plays in mind having them as the strong points of the game. To continue with this record you must know the way how to be performed. Given this it is worth saying that you must meet the following:

The game should then get this book and watch his game very well. This should then write all the movements you make in the game. When you have finished the game and is already in the quiet of the home and away from the pressure of the casino should conduct a thorough reading of this record. This information has been collected must be analyzed objectively parts having very clear you were wrong and having also clear the points you successful.

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