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As the final table, you can say something that came out Mauricio (who heroically resisted ) at a table with Duck Adam Petra Alex and Gina plus a handful of journalists come clear to leave the money to sponsor the first WEPT event 2013.

And do not forget that a woman won the final table. Nope , not much more I can tell you that. Overall it was very fun and I would like the future to get to play again in poker circles as well organized and on the same stakes. Plus I remembered that while I want to take my professional poker kit .

After you have survived the second betting round, the fourth card face up and exposed by the dealer on the table. This card is called in poker jargon the "turn". Using this card, you can make another card combination that is better than the last on the flop. You should however keep in mind that the five highest card counting. Players can now choose from weather check, bet, call, raise and fold.

The last betting round goes to the last card, called the "river". The remaining players have now put.'s Last chance If anyone has used the cards to the remaining player dealt on the table (if one fold). Everyone can now see who won.

The person with the highest combination of five cards wins the pot. If there is a tie, and several people have the same combination of cards, the pot will be divided by these players. When playing you will notice that in addition to good maps a dose bluff and luck will also play a major role.  Through much play you will notice that you will always know better what time you can bluff and at what time you need to gambling. Choose especially in the beginning a good table close to your level. The other players may well be something better, so you can learn. But nothing is more frustrating than losing a lot of better players every time.

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