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The fifth card is dealt, open again. You now have three cards that are open and two cards that are hidden. Again, the player with the highest hand acts first. From the fifth street and on all bets big bets ($ 4 in a $ 2 / $ 4 game). A sixth card is dealt, open, so now there are four cards that are open and two cards that are hidden. The focus is the same as fifth street. The last and seventh card is dealt hidden. All remaining players have seven cards, four open and three hidden. The initiative starts with the player with the best hand with the four card.

The last player to have bet or raise shows their cards first. The highest ranking hand wins the pot, and even a hand of 7 Card Stud is complete. In some 7 Card Stud games removed one round of betting in that you jump over the third street. After placing the ante, players four cards each, two open and two hidden. After playing fourth street with investment policies for bring-ins from third street and fifth street becomes the final round using the "small venture".

This round begins with focus small blind, which is located immediately to the left of the dealer. The dealer is also the last player to act from this round. This round is similar to the second betting round considering the commitment order. In Limit Omaha Hi games, this is the round in which the investment limit increased.

Display cards: hand rankings in Omaha Hi is similarly as in Texas Hold'em, and therefore follows the classic poker hand the rating table . The most important thing to remember is that your five-card hand must use exactly two of the four hole cards plus exactly three community cards.

If you were to be assigned four aces in the 'pocket', you will only have a couple of aces in in Omaha Hi. And perhaps more importantly - you know you're not going to hit an ace on the flop, since you already have all the aces in your pocket. This is an example of how Omaha Hi strategy differs from Hold'em strategy.

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