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For example, let's say you look down at your hole cards and find a pair of aces. Great! You raise and a player calls. Awesome! The flop is A-9-6 with two spades. Really amazing! There is no possible straights or flushes right now so you know that you currently have the best hand. Yet, no matter how you play your hand here so there is no guarantee that you will win the pot. Your opponent may have a straight or flush draw, or both, or you may face a lower set. All these hands have the potential to beat you if the right (or wrong) card installed. And anyway so you can not possibly put down your hand since it is such an amazing hand. So you have to play to the end, and you must accept to lose from time to time. Start trading online at

The size of these natural variations depends on the type of game you play. For example, the variations much greater in no-limit or pot-limit than in fixed-limit games. If you play in big tournaments, it may also be that you have to play your part before you can take home some significant gains. You can try some microgaming casinos here at

Some guidelines for bankroll

In a tournament, you create a wager at the beginning of the game at, and that's it. You can not buy new chips during the game and you can not put more money You know from the start what is at stake and you risk not to get carried away and invest more than what you had decided. You can get a lot of poker for a single tournament buy-in, if you manage to stay alive. A tournament can of course also end very quickly if you are unlucky. Try your luck at some top Swedish Casinos which offers best bonuses, free spins, regular promotions and lot more.

The exception is re-buy tournaments where permitted you to buy more chips during the first hour or so. Most of today's poker rooms offer tournaments with guaranteed prize pools, for example, if the number of buy-ins do not cover the guaranteed prize money will the organizing poker room to add the rest. This is clearly a good deal for the players when certain events almost guaranteed offer added value. You can also participate in satellites to bigger event - a great opportunity for those who wish to qualify for major tournaments.

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