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How To Play Poker Game

In real money games you will immediately after you put yourself be asked about how much money you want to bring to the table. The amount you choose will appear under your name. This is your "balance board" that will increase and decrease as you play. When you first sit down it will likely be a game going on. Once the round is over you will be asked to post the big blind. When you leave the table, your "total balance" is updated.

You are seated at the table, but received no cards and therefore not blind. When you uncheck this box, join in the poker action again. You will join the game at the start of the next round. If you put out a game that was your turn to post blinds, you will need to add the blinds when you return to the game.

Auto Roll - Check this box to automatically fold your cards at showdown if you lose. If a player has already shown better cards until it is your turn to show your cards, your hand will automatically discarded. Auto Add - Select this box to automatically post blinds. When the box is unchecked, you are prompted to add blinds when it's your turn. If you do not respond or choose not to blind you stand over lap.

Chat box lets you talk with other players, which many believe is essential. To chat, type the text in the box and press enter or click the "Chat". Players can sit at up to 16 tables simultaneously and play 16 games simultaneously. To do so, return to the lobby when you're seated at a table, without leaving the game. When you return to the lobby select another table and sit down at it.

You can repeat this process for up to 16 tables. Top left on each table you will see a list of all active tables. You can switch between these tables, click on the name of the list. To orate one of the tables, click on the red "End" box next to the table name. Please note: You can only play on multiple tables when playing in overview mode. Similarly, any top-ups during the game table fall between minimum and maximum. At the end of each hand, if the board balance is less than the big blind, you would need to buy more chips to continue.

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