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In this case, the player assumes 7 is rolled before any of the following including: 4, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Initially, this rate is strongly negative, but the casino makes it even more inefficient, charging a 5% commission on winnings. Sometimes the fee is charged only with an amount not more than the specified value (for example, $ 30). Here you can still "live", but in any case it is not profitable.

In principle, the situation is similar to the previous rate, but in this case the casino advantage lower. But still reduce it even more did not succeed. So put on Buy, only if you really want pugilist. Casino advantage here is not as great as in the case of bets and Lay Bet, but it is still very far from the ideal values. The main drawback of this rate - it is only active for one throw.

Place bets from the line are distinguished by special payments dictating the rates. After all, if not put multiple payment amount, the casino can round the result in their favor.

For example, on 4, 5, 9 and 10 is better to put the sum of multiples of five (9:5 and 7:5 payout), and 6 and 8 - fold six (7:6 payout). Generally, there is always much more profitable to bet on 6 and 8, because in this case the casino ahead of only 1.5%.

This is almost three times less than the second at favorable rates - Place 5,9. Doubling, tripling rates after losing - a great way to quickly recoup, but it is very risky. Apply it consistently, we do not recommend. Especially if the player is not thick enough bankroll that can withstand attacks excitement of his master. Desirable to determine an optimal size of the bet and stick to it during the entire gaming session. So you can be sure that after a week / month / year the game will lose about 1% of all bets made. In conjunction with bonuses and promotions, this percentage can easily play and get a plus.

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