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Some campaigns can be set up so that the benefits can be given to players based on the number of "raked hands" they participate in. If you contribute to a pot by post either blind, or by placing a bet in a hand which generates rake, this hand is considered a raked hand (hand that generate rake). Hands dealt in tournaments do not count towards raked hands

We offer a disconnect protection plan that protects players if their Internet connection is lost during an active hand. If a player really disconnected servers while they are involved in a pot, they will be considered if they have bet everything with the amount they invested in the pot before being disconnected. The pot will be split, and the disconnected player will increasingly compete for the portion of the pot they were active in. Online gamers must realize and accept the risk of being disconnected. It can happen and it happens.

The playing poker is an activity you do with others, which requires that certain rules regarding behavior observed. To ensure a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all players, we recommend that you observe our games label. Players who do not comply with our poker label will be contacted to finen out why. Violation of these rules may result in Withdrawing or complete ostracism from our room.

Keep your chat formed. Vulgar or obscene language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. See "Chat Rules" for details. To stand above should only be done when a player wants to take a break from the game, with the intention of returning quickly. Do not abuse this function.

Fast games hold poker players happy. Everyone gathered around the table due to one thing, playing poker. We
realize that sometimes you have to think a little, but think that the other players are waiting so you do not sustain them for long

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