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During the history of slots, their technology is never once changed radically. In the competition between classical and modern mechanical slots computerized prominent won by the latest models. However, the basics remain the same. To better understand the operation of slots, you need to remember the history of their origin and development, as well as figuring out how the basic details of slots changed with time.

Until recently, most of the slot machines used mechanical reels. The very first slot machine called the Liberty Bell had 5 reels, but with time machine with 3 reels have become more popular because of its simplicity and reliability. Gotcha machines with 3 reels was that there are a limited number of possible combinations of symbols - around 1000 - that turn also restricts the chances of winning, as the winning combination is rare once in 1000 games.

Even in modern slots, where the number of characters increased to about 22, and therefore the possible combinations was 10,000, the drop rate limited jackpot. The modern development of slot machines can be described as the computerization of slots, which began in the 1980s. This provided an unpredictable probability of symbol on each reel. Mechanical reels and steel handles just decoration in modern slots.

Most new slots - video slots - do not have mechanical parts. Instead, you can see the graphic simulation of the spinning reels on the screen. Thus, slots have become kind of computer game that allows manufacturers to use advanced graphics and bonus rounds games. The result of each rotation of the drum is determined not mechanics, and installed inside the car computer. Basic principles that define modern technology slots include the use of a random number generator to determine the outcome of the game. When the player starts the game, the generator begins to produce random numbers from "0" to several million per second. The generator of random numbers never stops and does not depend on external factors. This means that the result of the game is completely random, and it all depends on luck.

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