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We are confident that each of you reading this who are even slightly familiar with the world of gambling, could hear a lot of legendary stories about the players who have managed, by developing some unusual strategies and the most incredible action plans to beat the casino at the tremendous amount of money . Incidentally, one of these is devoted to stories and ingenious plan and smart teamwork group of talented students at the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT).

You want to better understand the principles of the game? You want to know - why casinos lately equips their gaming tables here this way and not in another? Then read the book Ben Mariah (Ben Metric) "Bringing Down the House". This paper provides a detailed description of how the developed and improved as a unique system.

Someone from beginners might think that the card account is a good way successful blackjack. But note that the card account in the modern casinos use almost impossible. Private casino set rather strict rules that prohibit to count cards and gambling establishments are trying to do everything possible to prevent it. I must say that, in principle, tracking 24 aces (4 aces in the deck x 6 decks) is not too difficult. However, attempts at automatic track aces dealt cards not feasible.

Let's imagine that you are playing with a single deck, and she shuffled after each hand. In this case, you are quite capable to calculate all the aces, and high cards. Provided that on the table you see 2 or 3, you can assume that they are in a deck of 312 cards is still a number. You need to remember that it is - not the standard case, and the rules vary from one casino to another.  Yet in all casinos use similar methods. We now that the story is already known talented team members MIT, as well as the manner in which the casino solved problems that appeared with the emergence of groups of players counters, we can consider the fundamental principles of strategy MIT, as well as methods, managed to destroy more than one gaming establishments.

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