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Roulette on the internet - this one word has been said a lot. This game has a long and rich history. She's like a tiger or a lion: majestic, respected, thoroughbred and stands out from the crowd. Until now, so really do not know how there was a roulette and who created it. According to some data behind it mathematician B. Pascal. Thanks to him there was this sophisticated system with a wheel and ball. However, he used it not for the enrichment and for experimentation. Still, the scientist seeks new knowledge and this is his main priority.

Pascal did not "tie" sector "zero", it did not exist at all. But take form, two Frenchmen, decided to "improve" the invention of Pascal. That's who's responsible for this green "monster". This small sector with zero, which broke so many lives.

In the early 1800s, and throughout this century roulette first travels to America (where modified by additional sector "zero" - the "double zero"), and then throughout Europe. Monte Carlo became the center of gambling life, and there settled European Roulette.

However, no one exactly tell about the origin of Roulette is not able to. At least, the origin of the system of the game. It is obvious that the principle - spinning the wheels, gave occasion, reap the benefits - goes deep into antiquity. In ancient China, ancient Greece and other countries instead of a modern roulette wheel used shields, wheels of carts and chariots, etc.

Initially casino bonus roulette without zero online casino was risk-free, or more precisely, zero. That is, when the rate on the "red" player exactly 50% chance of winning, because only 36 cells - 18 red and 18 black. The whole essence of roulette lies in the sector "zero". Without it, there would be no problem. In roulette one sector "zero" in the American - two "0". This is the main difference. Otherwise, if you play online, major differences you will not find. Yes, different order of numbers and the structure of the playing field, but it's stuff.

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