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Tips Of Online Blackjack

The player wins if the total value of his cards is greater than the total value of the dealer's cards. Payout is 1 to 1. The player loses if the total value of his cards is less than the total value of the dealer's cards. If, while the amount of cards a player scored more than 21, it is overkill (bast or a lot) and automatically loses, even if the dealer will bust.

If a player scored any amount less than 21 and more than 21 dealer, the dealer has a bust (a lot) and loses. If the first two cards are an ace and a ten player, such a combination is called Blackjack or Nichol and the player automatically wins. In this case, the payout is 3 to 2 on the initial rate of the player. (Do not forget that all the kings, queens and jacks count as 10.). If the total sum of the player's cards equal to the total value of cards the dealer is declared a draw (push). In this case, the original bet is returned to the player.

If the split player receives a third card of the same rank as the first two, he can make a RIPS- Lit - re-split pair cards. Rules of the casino can be resolved respite repeated. To collect an amount greater than the dealer, but not more than twenty-one. After the players bet, the dealer deals each player two cards - puts them close to the rates of the players face up and one card for himself - puts it in front of him also face up.

This initial distribution of cards is done in gambling establishments. Next, each player can ask for additional cards, this action is called a hit, or refuse additional cards - stand. All additional cards are also placed on the gambling table face up.

Usually in the game Blackjack online casino uses 6-8 decks of cards, which are shuffled after each hand. In some cases, you can find games with 4 or even odnokolodny Blackjack - these games are much more profitable for us. Therefore, if you find these games, I advise you to play in them, since the smaller deck game, the lower house edge.

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